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Retreats are an opportunity to step away from our daily routines and work. It gives us time to take a deep breath and reconsider some of the things that are important to us. It allows us to consider our work, our personal goals or perhaps things we want to achieve and allow ourselves to make time to consider these things quietly.

Here we will discover different retreats and explore their offerings, as each one has their own unique personality. One component that seems to be a common thread at most retreats is that they are places where the ingredient of peace and quiet can lead to meaningful transformation.

It is here where we’ll share unique locations we feel are worth exploring as we compare the different qualities and services that each offer and provide information for those who choose to visit or learn how to establish a retreat.


Explore More, Retreat More & Find Your Inner Zen

Some may find staying at a swanky hotel or resort relaxing, but there is something to be said for discovering your inner voice. There comes a time when we can take an opportunity to find something more meaningful and deeper in our journey of life. Explore more retreats here:

Shambhala Mountain

Nestled high in the Colorado Rockies, Shambhala Mountain Center is a six-hundred-acre mountain valley retreat surrounded by native forests, gentle meadows and rocky peaks. Tamed by decades of use as a contemplative refuge, Shambhala Mountain provides a safe and supportive container for exploring paths of deepened awareness, personal wellbeing and societal transformation.

Rolling Meadows Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Rolling Meadows, is a 100 acre meditation and yoga retreat center over-looking the hills of coastal Maine. This secluded, hilltop retreat center provides a quiet environment for spiritual renewal supported by the practices of yoga, meditation and the undisturbed beauty of the natural world.

Blue Sage Ayurveda

Blue Sage Ayurveda offers a healing Sanctuary in Northern California, USA, where individuals and couples can experience deep immersion style Spa therapies. Ayurveda’s unique wellness regime offering long lived health and longevity to those who receive it’s gifts. Yoga and Meditation are also offered with the guidance of a practitioner.

The Raj

The Raj opened its doors in April 1993 and soon gained a reputation as America’s premier Ayurveda Health Center. It is the only such facility outside of India specifically built to offer traditional Ayurveda rejuvenation treatments. The French country-style facility encompasses 36,000 square feet and is situated on 100 acres of rolling meadows and woodlands in Iowa’s heartland.


Extending to…


Our Mission:

Love Our Worlds NFP will provide a peaceful location for individuals and groups to reflect, contemplate, renew themselves, and for silent prayer and pure meditation and to develop and perpetuate a physical intellectual and spiritual environment which will strengthen and enhance the understanding of a person’s proper relationship to nature, to self, to others, and to God.



Our vision is to enhance the understanding of nature and will provide a hands on environment where programs will be developed that focus and increase knowledge, appreciation and respect for ourselves, others and the natural world.  Our aim is to acquire property that will permit and provide the unique opportunity to experience outdoor educational experiences.

We believe, now is the time to conquer stress, improve concentration, find inner peace, be in charge of how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and learn how to use the tools for releasing stress and re-enter living with enthusiasm and creativity. Our goal as we acquire and develop our Michigan retreat is to continue to expand locations globally and provide value for those who seek inner knowledge and personal growth in the pursuit of peace, health and happiness through meditation and spiritual living.



Our mantra of Love in Our Worlds is not a gimmick or a program of the church, but rather a natural response to the love shown by God that calls us to be servants.  We strive to live out our mission together, in community, in a way that encourages and invites all people into a life of servant hood in their family, neighborhood and workplace with an emphasis on integrating life balance connections back into our everyday living.


We aim to have Love Our Worlds NFP  make a far reaching impact as retreat participants and volunteers grow leaders of wellness for their communities and they carry these tools for wellness and life balance back to their families, work settings and daily lives.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our mission and hope you will join us on our incredible heart opening experiences and journey.

Always with Love ~

Vicki Semke




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